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Tech Tent: Should you trust smart machines?

Should you be asking a voice-activated speaker intimate questions about your health? And is it important that the scientists behind AI systems actually understand how they work? These are two questions we seek to answer in this week’s Tech Tent podcast. “What are the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease?” If you are a UK user putting […]

How to cope with email overload

Andrew Crosby has 7,000 emails in his inbox. To some that might not sound like many, but he’s only been at Relax Gaming for a year, so there’s not been much time for the inbox to get out of control. As a senior executive at the software company, which has eight offices around Europe, he […]

Five tech trends shaping the beauty industry

Beauty brands are using everything from artificial intelligence (AI) to augmented reality (AR) to keep their customers engaged in a fiercely competitive market. But do such innovations actually work or are they simply marketing hype? When L’Oreal said last year it no longer wanted to be the number one beauty firm in the world, but […]

The pun-loving computer programs that write adverts

Machines are now writing advertising copy as well as basic news reports, but are their efforts any good and can they be taught to be more inventive? “Have a suite stay” read an ad for a hotel offering all-suite rooms. A neat – if obvious – pun you might think. But what made this ad […]

Why search is no longer all about Google

Once upon a time, Google was the beginning and end of life online. If you could not find what you wanted by typing a few words into that familiar search box and hitting return, then it may as well not exist. Google was the web. “For a long time search was all about the bag […]